Modern School Portraits

Modern School Portraits Contract

Complete this contract to confirm your Modern School Portrait Session

*estimated number

To ensure smooth communication and keep everyone on the same page, please make sure that this is one designated person and that this person will have the time to handle emails promptly.

To help ensure that picture day runs smoothly and quickly, parent and/or staff volunteers will be responsible for making sure that kids have clean faces AND noses, help fix hair, and that children stay in line away from the photo backdrop area when it is not their turn.

I will provide a digital copy for the school to send to parents, as well as a physical copy to have in the front for parents to see.

Failure to properly notify and inform parents of picture day will result in children not ready on picture day, photographer not responsible for students or parents unaware of photo day.

-Failure to meet requested deadlines, respond in a timely manner, provide needed information, or upload any part of this contract will give Kristin the right to fully void the contract and cancel picture day.

If picture day is offered across multiple days and a student attends school both of those days, the student will only be photographed once on their classes assigned day. If a family wants sibling photos, children will be photographed together and separately on the day that both students attend, or the day the younger students' class is assigned. Again, if both students attend multiple days, they will only be photographed once.

Students must be absent to qualify towards a makeup day. Students that were present on picture day and were not ready, or simply chose to not participate, do not qualify for a makeup day.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, staff pictures will only be taken once per school year. Class pictures will also only be taken once per school year.

Orders placed after the four week gallery opening will not be included in the total towards the donation to the school.

I understand that the school does not have permission to make copes for sale, or other distribution in any manner that circumvents the sale of these images by McGlone Photography.

If your school is hosting picture day in the Fall and Spring, a donation will only be made for one session in the Fall.

Indicate the school year here, i.e. 2023-2024

Ideally the main contact person. This signature serves as completing a binding contract with Kristin McGlone, Owner & Photographer of McGlone Photography to photograph students at your school.