Megan and I first met in 2022 through our little homeschool co-op. Our daughters play well together, we'd chat momentarily from time to time, most interaction happening through drop-offs and pick-ups for playdates. We were both focused on our businesses and seeking opportunities to grow and develop our skills. She posted a study she did based on Maynard Dixon, an iconic painter known for his art depicting the American West...that was the moment I knew we had to collaborate on something together!

My husband and I have always been moved by the high desert. It stirs up so much awe and wonder. We like to imagine Butch Cassidy and his gang traveling on horseback through the canyons. Once, we swam across the Green River to a hidden cave where he used to hide his loot! Robert Redford said it perfectly after he followed the Outlaw Trail himself in 1976, “As technology thrusts us relentlessly into the future, I find myself, perversely, more interested in the past. We seem to have lost something — something vital, something of individuality and passion. That may be why we tend to view the western outlaw, rightly or not, as a romantic figure.’” Ahhh, I digress. It's just that every time we go west and spend time in the narrows, see the hoodoos in Bryce Canyon, we feel immediately at peace, grounded and reset.

We celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary this year and when discussions of doing something meaningful occurred, we always landed on a large painting of the high desert we love so much. That's when we decided to reach out to Megan to commission the painting! She was excited (and a little nervous!) to do a large piece. She was collaborative through the whole process, emailing me color schemes and photos of the painting as it developed.

We had discussed doing headshots for her website and family photos down the road, but I was thrilled when she said she wanted our painting documented during the process and it turned into a personal branding session! Taking lifestyle images of an artist to showcase their work and their personality was a dream!

Megan welcomed me into her home studio, tucked away in Pine, Colorado. She kept saying "it's a work in progress" [the studio], I loved how cozy it felt, and the morning light was perfect! To me, it felt organic to document her in her element, her everyday life as an artist. I got to know her on a more personal level, learn her story of committing daily to practicing art and photograph this beautiful woman! You can often find her wandering the various trails in Pine, with her son in tote, painting nature and landscapes. You can learn more about Megan and view her work on Instagram, she accepts commissions throughout the year!

Thank you, Megan, for inviting me into your world! It was fun to work with you. And a huuuuuuuuuuge thank you for creating a beautiful painting that we will truly cherish forever to celebrate our anniversary!

Interested in a personal branding session?! Let's chat! I'd love to create with you!